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No Vaccine - No Access

No vaccine, no access! Why Africa needs Mobile based Rapid PCR Test Container Laboratories now! Soon it will be compulsory for anyone seeking to use public services in Kenya – including schools, hospitals and transport – to present a Covid-19 vaccination certificate. How is this going to work in a country where fewer than 5% of the population have been vaccinated? In Zimbabwe, you can’t go to a restaurant without a vaccine certificate. In Morocco, you need a vaccine pass to go to the cinema. But Kenya is about to go much, much further, making it compulsory for every adult to get a vaccine or else be excluded from public services. But fewer than 5% of Kenyans are vaccinated, and the country doesn’t have enough doses to cover the rest. To accelerate Covid-19 vaccination rates in the country, Kenya plans to deny the unvaccinated access to public services. This would affect everything from going to schools and using public transport to immigration services and visiting hospitals and prison

Back to Square One?

  Back to square one...The truth and evidence, how Disruptive Technologies are th e game changer for everything and why the death toll on  SARS-CoV-2  in Africa, may depend on innovative crises management! The official figures do not say much in many African countries about SARS because not even the total number of deceased is counted correctly. But a few resourceful people have thoughts of how you could still get good numbers: their idea, e.g. observe cemeteries, or i.e. the number of funerals.  Some of those people counted by hand or by satellite. ? According to this data, excess mortality was increased by 60 percent in the capital of Ethiopia during the month of April, when Addis Ababa     was hit by a second corona wave...while in the Zimbabwean capital Harare , local media recently reported that the number of funerals had quadrupled compared to the previous year. In Lusa