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The Step by Step Project - CBO based SolarSchools & Aquaponics Farms

Step by Step  means SolarSchools & Aquaponic Farms The  Step by Step  Solar Schools and Aquaponic Farms Project  is planned to become an incubator for a Pan- African movement on Smart Farming education. Step by Step   is a Human Social Network Enterprise with a mission to Empower Africans to Start, Fund, and Grow Businesses in the segment of Smart Farming, and especially to overcome gender inequality and support the empowerment of African women. Our Motto is: Help Africa, to help itself! To initiate the possibilities and empower Africans to create businesses and jobs in Smart Farming, Aquaponic farms will play an intrinsic role for Africa's CBO's in reaching the goals and efforts to sustain themselves and alleviate poverty too! One way to do this will be the implementation of SolarSchools & Aquaponic Farms, Step by Step. Video courtesy of DW Germany Empower Africa's  C ommunity B ased O rganizations (CBO's) by building  SolarSchools & Aquaponic Farms  is the