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The 5-15-80 Rule and the real problem with our financial system.

So far, Billionaires gained 15% during Covid-19, increases ongoing. What does this mean for (y)our Future and for the   5-15-80 Rule. Many of us have heard the following: " It's not about how much money you earn. It's what you do with the money that matters".  Or: "If you can't buy it Twice, you can't afford it".  Or, one of my favourite phrase is an African proverb: "He who buys that what he needs not, shall sell that what he needs most".  Either way, regardless what you ever heard about ´How to make it´ or ´How to manage your money` , most people do not even understand, how money is being "made". So we like to give here a short start of an introduction, as the Future looks bleak - especially these days. Lets start with a fact: There's a lot of confusion about how banks work and where money comes from. Very few members of the public really understand it. Economics graduates have a slightly better idea, but many universit

When does the Future begin?

When does the Future begin? We live in the Future - the Future of the Past!  The future of the past was splendid, technical, happy and almost conflict free, because for some of us, it seemed that very old  problems were solved. While the 2010 years been very confusing, from now on in the year 2020 we will realize something else: The Future is of the Past and the Future can not be anymore the "American Way".   But before we talk about the Future, we share here a short clip - in memory of #GeorgeFloyd and this weeks incident in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USofA) as words aren't possible to fully express the pain, grief and anger we have to feel as human beings. Video courtesy of The Tyler Merrit Project @TTMPROJECT As we want to talk about The Future  it is important to reflect on what is happening around us and it is also important to acknowledge how quickly we have adapted to the " News ". To the type of  News  we can not judge anymore as News became an

When The Future Is Yours!

When The Future Is Yours! We often hear people saying they don’t know what the future will bring, and to a point, this can be true.  These days many of us who look at current trends in life will be rattled rather than being able to assess how these incidents will impact their life moving forward. MAVECON wants to help you in this process, hence we introduce here some reflection type of thought process to you. We hope this blog makes you curious for more. When making plans, many of us - as well businesses and companies - are focusing mostly on short-term trends. Such trends could be in relation to (y)our business, our personal life or any particular current dilemmas we face. These short trends can be comparable to brands of toys that seem to be a hit one year and forgotten the next. This means children will simply move onto the next big thing, rather than focusing on their old toys. As we become older, it’s seems harder to shake the shackles of what has gone before, especially

Where is the World Economy heading to? => Re-imagining the Future After the Corona Crisis

Re-imagining the   Future After the  Corona Crisis The Coronavirus pandemic (C-19) has already taken countless lives and it is uncertain how it will develop in the future. While people on the front lines of healthcare and basic social provisioning are fighting against the spread of the virus, caring for the sick and keeping essential operations running, a large part of the economy has come to a standstill. This situation is numbing and painful for many, creating fear and anxiety about those we love and the communities we are part of, but it is also a moment to collectively bring new ideas forward. The crisis triggered by the C-19 has already exposed many weaknesses of our growth-obsessed capitalist economy – insecurity for many, healthcare systems crippled by years of austerity and the undervaluation of some of the most essential professions. This system, rooted in exploitation of people and nature, which is severely prone to crises, was nevertheless considered normal. Alth